Chaos Plague Artwork


Holy shit! Fans of Death, Pestilence, Cynic, etc, be aware! This shit really surprised me because of those high octane guitar riffs, ultra complex structures and a truly metallic mood sound throughout the whole EP.

They are from Italy and seems like they have musical skills and good taste on progressive metal, because all tracks are well balanced between aggressive stuff, complex music, and fast sections. Actually, they know how to make dynamism in few seconds and don’t sound arrogant or childish. If you ask me, this music sounds mature, corrosive and extremely complex. Highlight to bass player, who really recorded twisted lines into those structures and gives another perspective from what seem to be a fretless instrument.  I can’t say that I will listen to this EP every day, because it may cause harm in my neck, but this album is very good and it deserves to give a chance into the progressive metal section of your collection. – Victor Varas

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