Dismal Faith cover art


Nadir Music

Not bad at all for a debut album. This is an Italian band that has been active since 2004 and it seems like they’ve been scratching their balls or something because they only have a demo in 2005 and the full length album released this year.

The genre is another proactive, aggressive and metal corished hybrid that sounds pretty good and effective for moments. Actually, they have truly heavy moments and they know how to drive from different sections, I mean, from side to side and don’t sound boring. If you ask me, I really hate when they combine guttural vocals with clean vocals ala “nu metal” or “modern metal”. Really, there goes another lock of hair hehehe!! Anyway, the band sounds good on specific moments and besides the mask of hard core/metal/jumping like monkey band, there is a crude perspective of 90’s death metal fans which would become a marvel if they just focus on a purest side of the genre. Good album but I’m not sure if I will hear it again, sorry. – Victor Varas



2 responses to “DISMAL FAITH Morph Review

  1. They’re formed in 2004 and stopped in 2006.
    Restart from late 2011 with a complete new line-up (except the drummer)
    Remember their moniker to see’em on stage, trust me, they’re most powerful than the cd!!


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