DISMEMBERMENT Denied Salvation Review

Dismemberment cover art

DISMEMBERMENT “Denied Salvation”

Self Released

This is a jewel of American underground death metal scene. Coming from Ohio, these guys created an excellent hybrid of putrid death metal and blasphemous black metal with high musical skills, twisted sections and class.

If I don’t mistake, this is already the second EP of a short discography, they’ve been active since 2011 but they sound like if they were much older. If you listen to all guitar lines you will find a blackened aura surrounding all atmospheres, and the guide the music through very mature compositions. Also, vocals sound totally 90s styled and it seems like the whole band have strong roots on early death metal genre. Another aspect to underline is that the recording is crude and sharp, and all instruments sound aggressive and real. As aforementioned, this is a fast jewel of American death metal despite of the age of the band. It’s not bad at all for guitarist Jacob Shively, who has been active in bands like Incantation and Acheron. – Victor Varas


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