LEGIONS OF WAR Forced To The Ground Review


LEGIONS OF WAR “Forced To The Ground”

Inferno Records

It’s a pleasure for me review the new material from this band. Again, they released an excellent piece of thrash/black metal and now they truly sound like an infernal metal militia. All tracks have a heavy charge of fast and deadly guitar riffs, ominous vocals and corrosive lines.

I like the way how they balance melodic lines with epic atmospheres, and great ideas at choruses. In fact, almost all tracks have touches of epic stuff and it seem like they sound excellent for raising fists on live concerts. My favorite track is “Remains of war” which is an excellent mid pace song full of epic lines, powerful chorus and a truly metallic feeling made of iron and blood.  Also, the production is clean and all instruments sound clear and bloody. I don’t know if the band will change the topic of their music in the future, but today they make clear that they are seriously into II World War, soldiers stuff, War stuff, etc., and they do it good. Another hit from Inferno Recs. – Victor Varas



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