SCYTHE Subterranean Steel Review

Scythe Subterranean Steel cover art

SCYTHE “Subterranean Steel”

Primitive Reaction

For those who are familiar with Chicago’s metal scene, the name of Rick Scythe will ring your ears immediately. Yep, this is the continuation of musical work of the ex Ursurper’s axeman, and definitely don’t confuse with the other 100 bands with the same name.

This is black metal forged in the most metallic, thrasher and dirty sound, and all tracks have the same corrosive mood. I would say that Rick is mainly a follower of great heavy metal, and all guitar riffs are based on good moments of blackened atmospheres in the metal spirit. Also, the production is direct to the bone and truly reflects painful and effective musical structures. This album sounds like primitive metal, and it doesn’t wants to demonstrate anything to nobody but pure sonic devastation, infernal lines and occultist lyrics. I liked the way this album balanced aggressive guitar riffs, harsh distortions and crude moments. My favorite one is “October Dies” which is a great song with roots on thrash metal and ancient heavy metal. This album is recommended for those old mother fuckers who still sleep with vest and spikes. – Victor Varas

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