AVULSED Revenant Wars Review

Avulsed EP cover art

AVULSED “Revenant Wars”

Unholy Prophecies

When joining names like Avulsed, Nihilist, Riddick, Unisound Studios, etc, you can’t expect anything but high octane DEATH METAL direct to your skull. Yep, this is a piece of putrefaction forged in the most stinky and obscured side of the genre.

It seems like these Spanish band went back to the early roots by delivering two tracks full of epic lines and Swedish old school. First track is the perfect example of the influence from early Entombed and its blackened death metal based in corrosive guitar riffs and primitive drums. Second track is a cover version from “Sentenced to Death”, original from NIHILIST which is truly a hymn from the very early days in Scandinavian death metal scene. This cover version leaves an open wound in your head as the Spanish give another perspective to the lines. Over all, vocals sound amazing and deep as hell. No doubt this motherfucker has one of the most aggressive and deep throat in Spain, and more than 20 years is what we call experience in the game. As aforementioned, this 7’ vinyl is a punch in your skull (and in your pocket) and I’m sure it will be very appreciated the next years. – Victor Varas

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