PIROSAINT Infected Brutality Review

PIROSAINTInfected Brutality cover 1

PIROSAINT “Infected Brutality”

DigMetalWorld Distro

PIROSAINT is one of those Chilean death metal bands that have been on the road for a long time, and they deserve to be recognized out their land. We are talking about people who have been involved in death metal music since early 90’s, and they have lived almost every change of trends since then.

On this album, they deliver a good compilation since the very first production in 1992, and definitely is a great opportunity to check their material. Half of the compilation is about remastered tracks, and we can hear solid death metal guitar riffs, full of complex sections and primitive structures. Almost all tracks sound different due different sessions, and I really liked how they balance the composition between melody and ominous lines. Also, seems like they are mostly influenced by American death metal superstars, but they give a particular perspective and I notice some traces of brutality on specific moments. In the other half of the album they included five tracks live versions which really sound destructive. I don’t know what do Chilean death metal sound has, but it always sound defined and with personality. As aforementioned, this is a good opportunity to listen to an old death metal band that is not very well known out from Chile. – Victor Varas

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