DHEMAG Mr. Sinner Review

Dhemag cover art

DHEMAG “Mr. Sinner”

OGHMI Metal Records

I didn’t know about this band until now. Ismael “Pona”, a long-standing metal warrior and owner of the label gave me this CD for review and I’m very impressed because of high quality of songs. All tracks are forged in the most solid and 80’s styled spirit of traditional heavy metal, and the most characteristic aspect is vocalist’s throat, who sings on high-pitched mode all the time.

I’d say that they are most influenced by Judas Priest, Riot, and those 80’s powerful screamers, but they also mixed some interesting elements of modernity and great guitar lines. Everything is tied by massive guitar solos and solid sections. Maybe vocalist mistakes about the correct tune sometimes, but definitely is something that time will fix someday. Also, production sounds too much crude and direct, and for moments you can’t say if this is a demo or an album. These are some aspects that don’t fit with a heavy metal album nowadays, but I’m sure they will be fixed in the future. It’s recommended for heavy metal collectors and alopecic rats from South American underground scene.  – Victor Varas


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