Mental Devastation cover art


Metal Ways Records

What an excellent piece of deadly, corrosive and violent thrash metal I have here! This is my first contact with this Chilean band, and believe me, this is one of those new South American attacks that are not following trendy bullshit. This is authentic thrash metal in the vein of old glories in American school, and they have the touch of fire in every single note.

All tracks have musical high skills and also they dare to mix some progressive elements in specific moments with class and good taste, just listen to “The Sentence” which is an excellent example of fast and aggressive thrash metal forged in crossover style, painful guitar riffs and high octane solos, and it has an interesting middle section where they included bossa nova rhythms, and full colored guitar solos. Did I mention this is a debut album? It seems like the band released a couple of demos before this and they are looking for a place in the road of thrash metal. They are doing the right and I think I’ll read the name in bigger festivals soon. – Victor Varas

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