UNCOFFINED Ritual Death and Funeral Rites Review

UNCOFFINED Ritual Death and Funeral Rites cover art

UNCOFFINED “Ritual Death and Funeral Rites”

Memento Mori

Well, I can’t close my mandible while I’m hearing for third time this piece of obscurity and ominous death metal. Yes, now I know which is my favorite album of the year. Coming from UK, these motherfuckers conceived a great album of an awesome hybrid of doom metal and death metal.

It’s not only about the deadly lines on every track, or the cloudy atmosphere full of rotten guitar riffs and dense structures throughout the musical composition. I’m talking about the purest essence of atrocious music forged in atrophied notes and insanity. Also, the most important aspect to underline is that infamous Kat Shevil (WINDS OF GENOCIDE) is handling vocals and drums! Well, if you ask me, I think she is one of the most powerful female vocalists in extreme metal nowadays and definitely her throat growls with more testosterone than many faggy kids I know. Music is creepy, simple and for moments sounds primitive, but they don’t leave basic lines around the music. They have good taste on deep guitar riffs and include many complex lines which deliver a slow dance of painful notes. As aforementioned, this is a great piece of doom/death metal forged in twisted roads of putrefaction and obscurity. It’s highly recommended for fans of Autopsy, early Morbid Angel, etc. I raise my beer for a great album full of inspiration, horror and sludge on sick minds.– Victor Varas



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