ACID WITCH Stoned Review

Acid Witch Stoned cover art


Hells Headbangers Records

The last album of my favorite Psychedelic death metal band is not bad at all, although I really miss the deep growls of Lasse Pyykkö. The band just kept the essence of horror lines, basic-stoner guitar riffs and the sinister atmosphere covering every single note.

Also, again they included some organ keyboards in specific moments and this gives an ominous personality to the music. The concept is clear: this is about witches, hallucinations, doom and rock n’ roll. If you ask me, the point of lucidity here is high skills on obscured death metal, and all songs are forged in truly thick and sick guitar riffs. Also, they continue inserting these orgasmic-cathartic- solos in all tracks, and is like a trade mark for the band. As aforementioned, I really liked this album and I wanted to review it on my blog by my nuts, although it was released in 2010. – Victor Varas

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