IZEGRIM Congress of the Insane Review

Izegrim cover art

IZEGRIM “Congress of the Insane”

Listenable Records

First, I have to say that I’m impressed with this cover art. It’s one of those that disturb in the first sight. Coming from Netherlands, this blond girl and her mates composed an extremely aggressive hybrid of death and thrash metal, and all tracks are full of poisonous guitar riffs and complex structures.

The aspect that gives personality to the band is precisely the red blood throat of Marloes Voskuil, and I’m sure that more of one will say “this is a copy cat of Angela from A.E.”. Absolutely not, and actually this band is going for more voracious vocals and Germanic thrash metal vibes. Also, they have some twisted moments like on track “Modern Day Freak”, which sounds great and atrocious. Highlights to guitar solos, you will notice them here and there, but only on specific moments and all of them give particular taste to compositions. Everything is well tied and rounded by technical harmonies, furious vociferations and good taste on complex sections. If you ask me, the band must look for define which musical genre they will be oriented, although I have to accept they did an awesome work on this hybrid mutant. It’s another European band looking for a place on the big road of extreme metal. – Victor Varas



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