UNDER THE CHURCH Demo 2013 Review

Under The Church demo cover art


Self released

This is something I don’t see often nowadays. It makes me feel a freaky morbid pleasure when bands send me death metal demos in tape format, and what is more, coming from a place far away from my country. Actually, this is my first mail from Iceland.

What I have here is a demo full of rabid and necrotic death metal forged in the most insane, primitive and volatile face of the genre. It contains only three bastard songs, trust me: these guys know what they are doing and every guitar riff stinks (in a good way) like thousands demons. All tracks have a particular taste of apocalyptic lines and inhuman structures, plus the fact that they don’t need to demonstrate anything to nobody, this is simply grotesque death metal in Scandinavian mood, direct to your skull. My favorite one is “Back to the Grave” which is a great opus in the mood of Slayerean guitar riffs (even the orgasmic-venomous-cathartic guitar solo at the intro section) and the rest of the song includes 80’s vertiginous vibes. I think this is one of the best demos of the year; just be aware of the upcoming EP via Pulverised Records!! -Victor Varas


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