IN SILENT Potępienie Review

In Silent cover art

IN SILENT “Potępienie”


At the first sight, this band plays a very decent form of death metal with sprinkles of brutality here and there, and huge influences from solid heavy metal. All tracks are based in high octane guitar riffs, and there is a high level of complexity although the music sounds simplistic, effective and aggressive.

Also, I have to say that there are some elements that sound totally Polish trademark. These guys conceive great compositions and it seems like they are looking for personality and a place into the road of death metal. As aforementioned, all tracks are forged with metallic spirit and you can hear solid musical arrangements everywhere. My favorite one is “Pedofiluzzkleru”  (whatever it means…) which is a great example of corrosive guitar riffs on twisted structures along deadly lines, and pure violent music. This song has different sections and everything is tied by a dark atmosphere. Good debut album. – Victor Varas

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