MIRTHLESS A Dirge for Your Suicide Review

Mirthless cover art

MIRTHLESS “A Dirge for Your Suicide”

Dunkelheit Produktionen

It seems like these motherfuckers truly have traces of obscurity, depression and gloom inside the veins. This is one of those albums that disturb you since the first track. The intro is a recording of a real funeral with laments, people crying, desperate screams, etc. Shit man!

It’s standing in the edge of obscenity and morbidity and mournful concepts in art. Anyway, music is rooted in funeral lines and everything is tied by a dark atmosphere which is made to provoke lacerations in your sensibility. I can’t say that is the most original stuff I’ve heard, but the band truly transmits something different from a painful perspective. Also, they are influenced by doom metal bands like My dying Bride, Paradise Lost, etc and all music is forged with respectable structures. As aforementioned, the band is full of funeral elements, gloomy lines and minimal (maybe basic) guitar riffs, and they know who to transmit depression and suicidal atmospheres. It’s recommended for those maniac collectors who are looking for new bands from the underground scene. – Victor Varas



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