Ashes of chaos cover art


logic(il)logic Records

This is a difficult album for reviewers like me. After that I listened it several times, I still don’t know if I liked it or not. The roots are deep in progressive metal as well as atmospheric stuff, and seems like these Italian musicians have strong spirit of metal. Of course this combination is not always successful, especially when you copy what other have done in the past.

No doubt these guys have musical high skills and they created complex songs with different states of mind as well as killer tunes (I mean killer guitar riffs) but they also added a strong touch of violent death metal and thrash metal elements. I can’t say that they defined the road, but fortunately everything sounds great and balanced. If you ask me, they sound even epic. Songs like “Atmofear Pt. 1” really called my attention because of the capacity of transmit emotions and minimalistic elements. Small details make the difference, really. My favorite song is “Atmosfear Pt. 2” which is a twisted piece of pinkfloydian psychedelic music. I don’t know if this is the art of a genius, a mad man or people with huge musical resources and the feeling to transmit madness. That’s the meaningful word. It’s recommended if you are looking for experimental metal bands forged in progressive music and sounding distinct from the others. – Victor Varas

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