SCALPEL Sorrow and Skin Review

Scalpel coverart

SCALPEL “Sorrow and Skin”

Sevared Records

I don’t know what happened behind rehearsal doors. Their intention was create sick guitar riffs and extremely precise sections, everything tied with rotten stench a la Suffocation, Napalm Death, etc.  and the result simply sounds violent and brutal. If I don’t mistake, these American guys forged the album in violent death metal, and they added grind core elements to the point of making a spectacular hybrid of destruction and technique.

All tracks are balanced and based in good sense of old school style and they dared to combine some modern structures which is the trademark for the band. Also, I have to say that they have high octane guitar riffs in the whole album. Maybe they should get down the tempo and make more sections like in “The Black Juices” or “Skullscraper” which really sounds creepy and ominous btw. This album sounds great and is not bad at all for a young band. It’s full of deadly elements that will blow your mind if you are into American death metal based in brutality. I can’t say that is the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, but everything is on its place and is ok then. – Victor Varas

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