PERVERSION Pillars of the Enlightened Review

Perversion Cover Art

PERVERSION ”Pillars of the Enlightened”

Self Released

Well well well! What a cannibalistic holocaust made in music I have here. I can’t remember another band from United Arab Emirates reviewed on these zombie pages. This is hell, and they know about making bleed your ears with high octane guitar riffs, solid structures and brutal, I mean BRUTAL stench of death metal.

They have strong roots of American old school, and names like Suffocation, Incantation, Vital Remains, etc would be good references to this ultra technical massacre.  All tracks are well balanced and they have good taste on heaviness in rotten atmospheres. Also, vocalist Rhama Al Rhama has a thick throat perfect for the genre. He growls very deep and furious. If you ask me, these young musicians composed an excellent debut album forged in blood and entrails, and they don’t come to demonstrate anything to anybody, they simply have the guts and talent for one of the most cloned genres in metal music. You have to give a chance and support young acts in underground. You’ll not be disappointed. – Victor Varas

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