DEMONA Speaking with the Devil Review

DEMONA Cover art

DEMONA “Speaking with the Devil”

Infernö Records

I remember when some years ago someone sent me the demo from this Chilean band. I was really surprised because I didn’t expect such an excellent piece of deadly guitar riffs forged in the most traditional and corrosive heavy/speed metal, performed with guts and attitude. Yeah, this girl Tanza is totally immersed into old school sounds and really captured the essence of ancient metal music, the one that is fast and killer.

If you ask me, there is a particular taste of sensuality through all tracks, especially on specific moments when she does poisonous screams. Also, she composed great musical arrangements in almost all songs. Production sounds direct to crush your skull and that’s a good aspect to underline, and just think on bands like Living Death, Vectom, early Metallica, etc.  In some songs she sings in Spanish, and gives a particular personality because of the excellent result. It seems like this girl relocated in Canada, and recruited a new line up for her band.  All in all, this is a great album of the most insane, fast and ominous speed metal and it worth to be heard for those alopecic metal maniacs who are looking for jewels in underground scene. And yes, we are talking about another hit from Infernö Records. – Victor Varas

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