MAJALIS Cathodic Black EP Review

majalis cathodic black cover

MAJALIS “Cathodic Black” EP

Pulverised Records

To talk about depressive/atmospheric metal music coming from Scandinavia is sometimes very subjective, because although there are many good albums out there, it seems like there is a tendency on infesting clones the whole style. This case is different: the sound is clean and with many elements from other sources like progressive music and atmospheric stuff.

Also, the three tracks contained have substantial ingredients to make you travel from different states of mind without falling in childish mistakes. They use a lot of open chords and slow motion moods; if you pay attention you will find interesting structures along the poisonous feelings and painful guitar lines. I can’t say that I love long tracks, but curiously these three pieces of gloom lifted me from my chair and gave me some good moments. And that’s the main objective: to transmit open emotions to the listener and build interesting material behind monotonous/saturated styles of metal music. This band is formed by current members of Swedish band In Mourning, and delivers high octane lines of depressive music and cold grey tormented minds. It’s recommended for people who like atmospheric music and the so called “Post-metal” style. – Victor Varas

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