ANCESTHOR Beneath the Mask Review

Ancesthor Beneath the Mask cover art

ANCESTHOR “Beneath the Mask”

Metal Ways Records

I can’t remember a Mexican band with a cover art of Ed Repka. If you know any, please send me a message. It’s not a coincidence that young thrash metal bands are sounding better and better, since almost all of them are living the authentic spirit of metal music. And I mean this spirit is not only about drinking beer and being a rock star every day.

This also means about get better at our own instrument and compose original stuff from basic guitar riffs. Ancesthor is a band that knows where they are standing and beyond recycling old stuff; they make a good effort to compose what seems to be a classic album of the band. It contains eight tracks full of solid and consistent guitar riffs, forged in aggression, complexity and atrocious spirit. Think of old Teutonic bands and mix them with interesting touches of modernity here and there. The result is great and now you can underline the name of this band on your list of outstanding thrash metal acts from Mexico. The production sounds clear and crude enough to show a band that is made in rehearsal rooms and thousand of practice hours. Also, all tracks have a particular taste of speedy riffs; although this time they added specific moments of tempo changes and slow sections. My favorite one is the track “Beneath the Mask” which is an opus very well balanced and forged with tons of distinct sections and long solos. If you liked the debut album “The Human Nature” you will find very interesting this one. Buy it and support them. – Victor Varas

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