SORROWS PATH The Rough Path of Nihilism Review

Sorrows Path cover art

SORROWS PATH “The Rough Path of Nihilism”

Rock It Up Records

I’m glad to meet bands like this one. I think that the most important aspect for music inspiration (no matter musical genre) is what is happening around our lives, and this is a perfect example. The band has been through important and painful situations since mid nineties, and these guys have the guts, brain and temple to still in music.

And they really do it well. All the album has strong roots in doom metal bands from 90’s, but music also delivers deep atmospheres forged in the most traditional and obscured heavy metal from 80’s. You can call many influences, from Merciful Fate, to Italian horror music, and everything is tied with professionalism and great compositions. Vocal lines are excellent and remind me a lot first work of Candelmass, Solitude Aeternus, etc, and Angelos knows how to drive interesting vibratos and musical arrangements. What is more, the band added some touches of modernity to the sound of production, and the result is awesome. My favorite song is “Queen of Doom” and it really transmitted me high doses of doom, gloomy lines and poisonous atmospheres. Greece always has nice surprises to give, and this release from 2011 is one of them. It’s recommended for those followers of real bands full of high octane compositions. – Victor Varas

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