EXTREME ATTACK …In the name of Thrash metal Review

Extreme Attack cover art

EXTREME ATTACK “…In the name of Thrash metal”

EBM Records

Well, what do we have here? There are many aspects that make this thrash metal album very particular in the South American scene. Really, I can’t remember a thrash metal band coming from Ecuador, and if you ask me I think this is my first contact with that scene, although I know there are many metal bands there.

This young trio is quite influenced by old Germanic sound; keep in mind Kreator, Mekong Delta, Sodom, Tankard, etc. And I must say that all tracks contain excellent tunes and high octane guitar riffs forged in blood and destructive atmospheres. Did I mention guitarist is a girl? Well, Renata Pacheco really knows how to deliver deadly lines through her fingers and it’s a matter of time you will see this name on bigger and bigger media. Solos are extremely dirty and fit perfect, I have no complains about the music, except for the vocals. Imagine an old, fat and sleepy cat singing with punkish attitude. Also, sometimes he sounds repetitive and lazy. It’s a shame because this genre requires a little more than that, and I really hate these vocals because it sounds lack of power and alcohol. I don’t want to spoil the party saying that the band sounds terrible, absolutely not. There are many aspects that makes me think that these young musicians are walking on the right road and as aforementioned, it’s a matter of time. They have to work more and they know it. Anyway, support them and buy the debut album. – Victor Varas



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