PRAYER OF THE DYING God’s Failed Creation Review

Prayer of the Dying cover art

PRAYER OF THE DYING “God’s Failed Creation”

Self Released

Yes, as many of you, the name of this one man band recalled me an Iron Maiden’s album. Well, this stuff has nothing to do with that album; this is a great piece of introspective black/death metal forged in ominous lines, high octane guitar riffs and huge creativity. Martin Ciappara is involved in many other black metal bands like Black Vulture, Luciferian Blood, Sarratum, and this is his solo project, which releases the fourth album now, not to mention many Splits and EP in the past since 2007.

I’m really impressed with this album because it reflects a matured composer based in obscured metal, and he really knows how to take into different states of mind through the music, and he doesn’t falls into childish pretentions. Everything is tied by epic atmospheres and clear references to old Nordic sounds, but Martin is always looking for a particular personality on every song, and that’s a good point. Also, it seems like he knows about the rawest side of the genre black metal, but he definitely doesn’t abuse and manages music with class and good criteria. If you ask me, all tracks have a heavy charge of subliminal tunes and poisonous lines behind a metallic spirit. That’s the point: Martin has a particular perspective of the genre, and steps beyond depressive songs and musical copies. It’s a great piece of atrocious death/black metal, really. As extra info, the album features many guest musicians like Patrik Carlsson (Anachronaeon) and Jacobo Cordova (Zombiefication)- Victor Varas

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