VENEMOUS Ceremony Review

Venemous cover art

VENEMOUS “Ceremony”

Under Fire Records

I saw a couple of local shows of this band last month and I’m really impressed because both times leader guitar broke his instrument and he just threw it, picked a bottle of beer and continued the show, like nothing. This band plays extremely fast, aggressive and deadly thrash metal based in old school’s chaotic style. Actually, it seems like they are going into fast lines and poisonous atmospheres, with no mercy and tons of metallic guitar riffs.

I heard that they would be the answer to Strike Master, but I can’t confirm this right now. I would say that these guys are going in the right road with solid songs, and strong roots in the most classic side of the genre, although clearly there are some musical influences from that Mexican band. Vocals sound excellent and denote passion and cult for big names like Petrozza,  Mustaine (old), Chuck Billy (just listen to “Armamentor“) etc. Hear carefully this album and you will discover a young band with matured ideas and rabid attitude. Do you need more in a thrash metal band? I don’t think so. There are many things to fix here and there, but the band sounds great and hopefully this name will be on bigger cartels in the future. Meanwhile buy this CD and support live shows, you motherfuckers!! Evil and destructive thrash metal for your ears! – Victor Varas

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