Mosh pit justice cover art


EBM Records

I think this is my first contact with Bulgarian metal scene, although I heard some big names in the past, mainly of heavy metal genre in late 80’s. I seems like this trio has huge experience with thrash metal genre, as they created a big piece of metal full of musical resources and good taste on guitar riffs.

Actually, all tracks are based in solid guitar riffs and the work on this instrument is excellent. As the genre as turned into a saturated mess, these guys don’t want to repeat childish mistakes and beyond falling in black holes, they truly tried to make a particular sound with a incisive breath of power metal and traces of iron spirit running through the veins. Also, vocals are quite strong and I liked the way this guy made some “epic” lines, like in track “The Serpent”, you will notice big roots on heavy/power metal genre. This is a great album full of strong pieces of aggression, rabid morbid lines and heavy metal structures. It’s recommended for those who are looking bands in the European underground and still open minded for new sounds. Don’t mistake with the furious ape in the cover art, this is not a young thrash metal band for young and trendy people. As extra info, Stanislav Vasilev (guitars and vocals) played in a band called Kartzer, in early 90’s.– Victor Varas

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