AGGRESSIVE DISORDER Let the aggression begin Review

Aggressive Disorder demo cover art

AGGRESSIVE DISORDER “Let the aggression begin”

Jum Records

I purchased this demo directly from the band after a live show. I’m really impressed with these young guys because they have everything: great songs, musical skills, and great attitude for thrash metal. The music sounds aggressive and extremely fast, so you can imagine how far they can go.

Since opener track, a punkish breath is unleashed and you will be completely satisfied with such mix of thrash metal vibes and atomic crossover elements. Also, the production is raw and clear, perfect to show the reality with no make-up. All tracks sound solid and quite matured musically speaking, and what is more, these kids know that the genre is over polluted nowadays, though they also created great songs based in American old school, and it seems like they want to forge an own personality. Is there a new wave of Mexican thrash metal? I don’t know if I can call it this way, but certainly this is a good example of our healthy thrash metal scene full of new blood. Hopefully I’ll find the debut album soon in underground distros. As extra info, this demo contains an excellent cover version of “Surf Nicaragua”, original from Sacred Reich. – Victor Varas

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