DANGEREGO Autopsy Review

DangerEgo cover art


Atomic Stuff

Definitely I’m not the most indicated for review this album, but as many of you know; I have total respect for serious projects into rock music. These Italian guys have the spirit of what is called “alternative” music and “grunge” sound, but they added fresh elements and excellent musical arrangements.

If you ask me, they have strong roots in stoner music, hard rock music, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, etc. I don’t blame this PR Agency because they always send me high quality promo kits, and this is not the exception. The band sounds really professional and it deserves to be launched in major media. Actually, there are some songs that sounds solid and HEAVY (with uppercase letter) and that’s something I recognize from good pedigree, if you know what I’m saying. Also, all tracks have enough personality so that you can have a nice driving of your car in the night. As aforementioned, this is a good album rooted in “grunge” sounds from the 90’s, and is not boring at all. You will enjoy this only if you are mature and open minded. Satanic readers of this blog: stay away and make a spell for all demons!  – Victor Varas



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