ENMACHINED Thrash Assault Review

Enmachined cover art

ENMACHINED “Thrash Assault”

Salute Records

Aaaargh!! What a piece of deadly and powerful metal! These young warriors created three excellent pieces forged in the most aggressive and apocalyptic side of the heavy metal genre. They call themselves as thrash metal, but they are influenced by aggressive speed metal and big traces of painful heavy metal.

Somehow, music reminds me a lot Chilean legends VASTATOR, because of the high pitched vocals. Shit! Imagine Rob Halford singing in an aggressive thrash metal band. Also, all of these guys have high musical skills, and tracks sound complex, very well tied and with professional musical arrangements. If you ask me, these could be a good place to hide from those monotonous copycats around the world. Did I mention this band comes from Bangladesh? Yep, it seems like this country have a very small but strong metal scene, and I should look for more material from there. It’s a highly recommended demo for those who are looking for excellent bands coming from unexpected places of the globe. – Victor Varas



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