BRAIN DEAD Menace from the Sickness Review

Brain Dead Cover Art

BRAIN DEAD “Menace from the Sickness”

Punishment 18 Records

Clearly influenced by big names like Exodus, Annihilator, Testament, etc, these Italian guys created a second full length album, full solid guitar riffs and matured ideas. I don’t know if I can call all this stuff as the most original thrash metal I’ve heard this year, but no doubt that they got the old sound crushing their brains, and composed highly skilled tunes.

All tracks sound poisonous and it seems like they are on the correct road, although they have to work more to find the own personality. What is more, tracks like “Pay for a better life” denote huge creativity behind the door of rehearsal room. Also, I really liked this punkish atmosphere smelled everywhere, and I can say that they know the business of thrash metal since many years ago. We find ten deadly tracks and a cover version from Broken Glazz, and it’s going to blow your mind away if you are searching for aggressive new generations in Europe! – Victor Varas

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