DARK FOREST The Awakening Review

DARK FOREST cover art

DARK FOREST “The Awakening”

Cruz Del Sur Music

It’s a pleasure to know this band. Coming from England, these guys forged a very melodic and respectable heavy metal album with excellent guitar lines (tons of twin guitars), progressive elements and great vocals. Actually, the combo has a particular personality because of all musical arrangements here and there, besides the voice of Josh Winnard, who seems to be influenced by big throats like Michael Kiske, Andre Matos, etc.

These guys have talent and they really composed a good album. Don’t expect arrogant scales, or complex structures. This is pure heavy metal based in exquisite taste and feeling, but they also added a touch of modernity in the sound. On specific moments the band sounds fast and powerful like “Rise like Lion” and you just have to hear guitar solos to make clear these guys have quite experience in this business. It seems like this band recorded the album in 444 Hz instead of the standardized 440 Hz tuning. If you are interested in this topic I suggest you to check this out. It’s very interesting! – Victor Varas



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