SHRAPNEL STORM We Come in Peace… Review

Shrapnel Storm cover art

SHRAPNEL STORM “We Come in Peace…”

Self Release

Don’t confuse this band with SHRAPNEL from Australia. These guys are from Finland and practice a very acceptable death metal forged in old vibes in early 90’s. They’ve been active since 2009 and it seems like they released a couple of demos before this one. Actually, the roots are strong and all guitar riffs sound apocalyptic and full of aggressive tunes.

Also, there is a particular dark atmosphere throughout the both compositions. As aforementioned, there are great vibes a la old school and ominous lines here and there. This band is melodic but they know how to drive guitar lines to transmit painful sensations. If you ask me, I would ask for more material for catch the essence and the personality of the band. Two songs is a poor demo this time, and I hope to hear more material soon. – Victor Varas

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