BLEEDING GODS Blood Symphony Review

Bleeding Gods cover art

BLEEDING GODS “Blood Symphony”

Self Released

I didn’t review a death metal demo coming from Netherlands since many months ago. This piece of putrefaction really impressed me from the start and it deserves to take it seriously as one of the most interesting stuff arrived to our mail. Yep, they formed in 2012 but don’t confuse because these people has been involved in many bands since a long time ago like Sinister, Victimizer, Supreme Pain, and many others.

We are talking about long experienced musicians and the roots are visible as they created excellent guitar riffs with stench of rottenness smelling from miles away. Also, they have good taste for different sections and complex structures without falling in childish pretentions. If you ask me, the music has a particular touch of thrash metal and it belongs to deliver an interesting hybrid with old school sentences and melodic dark vibes. My favorite track is “Symbolic Sculptures” which is a combo of solid guitar riffs, aggressive lines and pure holocaustic drum set. Keep an eye on this name, it worth and I’m sure they are going for a deal with a big company soon. – Victor Varas

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