AETHERIUM MORS Entrails of the Soul Review

Aetherium Mors Entrails cover art

AETHERIUM MORS “Entrails of the Soul”

Self Released

I can’t believe that this UK band is still unsigned. I clearly remember their debut album as a magnificent piece of aggressive death/black metal in the vein of the most visceral roots of Dissection in the mid 90’s, and it really called my attention. This time they composed a little bit more complex and with more chaotic sections.

I can’t deny the fact that they have increased the level of composition as all tracks are forged in black fire of obscured atmospheres and mature ideas. Also, they have many musical resources and created interesting atmospheres through open chords and apparently dysfunctional guitar riffs. Actually, some sections sound extremely dissonant and create dramatic tunes that dig your subconscious to the limit. My favorite track is “Divine Order Without God” which is composed through excellent musical structures fast guitar riffs and painful lines. No matter if you are sick of Nordic black/death metal hybrids, this piece of destructive metal will crush you skull and will make you bleed your ears. Ultra recommended! – Victor Varas

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