SICK FAITH Blinded Nation Review

Sick Faith cover art

SICK FAITH “Blinded Nation”

EBM Records

Yep, this is another piece of energetic, sulfuric and disgusting thrash metal from South America. They are definitely influenced by American school and added strong elements of modernity to their sound. This band crushes your ears with solid guitar riffs and violent atmospheres, and the particular taste of rabid vocals, I mean, this guy sings really fast and violent!

For some reason I didn’t like the first track and I would put the second one as opener. But that’s just a personal opinion and I know nobody gives a shit. All tracks sound great and denote maturity in music composition, however, these guys have to search for an own personality if they want to bright in the genre, as we know it is overpopulated. On these days of thousand of thrash metal bands quite similar from each other, new bands have to work even more. In the other hand, these Colombian combo have the musical elements to keep the sulfuric acid boiling in the cauldron, and they really did a good job in tracks like “Slag’s Justice” and “Endless War”. This album is recommended for those who have known the roots of the genre, and have good taste of melodic/technical thrash metal. – Victor Varas

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