IDENSITY Chronicles Review

Idensity cover art

IDENSITY “Chronicles”

Send the Wood Music

This is my first contact with this French Super band and I must say that I’m very satisfied. Let’s say that they caught me on my hour of good tolerance and I enjoyed their hybrid stuff of melodic death metal/progressive metal. This is one of those bands that you push the play button and you will enjoy great lines of melody, great structures based in progressive music, elements of Opera, and good taste. They incorporate many elements from different sources and definitely there is a great work on the composition department.

Also, I liked the way how they deliver excellent tunes on Arabian scales/melodies and all this is fully expanded on interesting dark atmospheres. Somehow, this band reminds me the band Orphaned Land and specific moments of Dark Lunacy, as they combine excellent sections with violins, classic music stuff and aggressiveness. If you ask me, Idensity can be one my best discoveries in the world of metal music this year, as they also have many elements taken from so called “World Music”, if you know what I mean, and all the album is tied by good taste and an emblematic theme, which explores believes and myths on the End of Life on Earth, considered by ancient and modern civilizations. It’s a recommended album if you want to know about a particular perspective of modern death metal and progressive music. – Victor Varas

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