VOLTAX Hiding into flames Review

Voltax cover art

VOLTAX “Hiding into flames”

Sade Records

I’ve been fan of these guys from the beginning. I really think that they gave a good breath of fresh power to Mexican heavy metal scene in all their releases including the demo, and now they are in the highest status. They haven’t changed this true old school sound forged in iron guitar riffs and pure heart of steel, a heritage of big names like Running Wild, Armored Saint, U.D.O,  (old) Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (just listen to those “twin guitars”!!), Pegazus, etc. And of course, an incisive spirit of NWOBHM in every note.

But I wonder, in which point things go too far and old school is too much “fashion”. I mean, definitely Voltax stepped back in the recording sound, and this album sounds like a demo or something. Also, cover art and the art inside the booklet is really horrible. Do not know who drew this, but seems like it was a 5 years old child. No offense, really. Anyway, the band is on one of the greatest moments of the career, and the music speaks itself. All tracks have excellent lines with big roots on epic stuff, true traditional heavy metal and strong attitude. If you ask me, Mr. Jerry has one of the most incredible throats of this side of the world and I like how he delivers excellent moments with charisma and focused personality. He does not abuse at all, that is pure heavy metal. This is a great album of Latin-American/traditional heavy metal that includes great instant classics like “Escape without return”, “Estruendo letal” and of course, “Hiding into flames”. It’s recommended for those who like to take a look to the 80’s with high quality new bands, and high pitched vocals. – Victor Varas



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