BURIAL HORDES Incendium Review

Burial Hordes cover art


Hellthrasher Productions

I don’t think this new album will surpass the debut album War, Revenge & Total Annihilation, but I must admit that the band has increased a lot since the last time I heard about them, in a 7″ split with its sister entity Enshadowed, in 2012.

Coming from Greece, these demons released a new album full of explosive guitar riffs and hyper dark atmospheres. I really liked the way this band combine black metal lines throughout corrosive structures, and everything is tied with a high dose of morbidity and complexity. As aforementioned, the band has increased musically speaking and has become an interesting hybrid of violent death metal and blackened music. Also, I have to say that all tracks have excellent musical arrangements and they make you believe that the genre death/black metal is raising a new level in the Greek area, and is claiming the lost throne, of course. This is a recommended album for those followers of the genre and for those who really enjoy hybrid monster babies in Greek metal music. You will not regret. – Victor Varas



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