ADRENICIDE Natural Born Thrashers Review

Adrenicide Natural born thrashers new cover art

ADRENICIDE “Natural Born Thrashers”

EBM Records

This is supposed to be the reissue of the fourth album, with some modifications at the cover art and some extra tracks. As I said before, this band impressed me because they’ve been producing almost one album per year and now they have a respectable discography on their back. If you ask me, 19 studio tracks + 3 live tracks is too much for me, and I have to mention that I really love the thrash metal genre!

Anyway, this album reproduces the old glories of American thrash metal (Bay Area roots) and strongly adds elements of cross over. All tracks are based on volatile guitar riffs, tons of deadly sections and the stench of old school. There are many way to criticize a band that is copying old stuff, but also I have to admit that these guys have high musical skills, great ideas and strong attitude. No matter if all tracks remind me Nuclear Assault, Sacred Reich, Anthrax, etc; this English combo has the guts and talent to develop even more and more albums. Maybe one day they will come with something more original. Before that, this is what the band delivers and surely you will be killed in the first track of the album. – Victor Varas

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