CRUCIFLICTION Heresy is met with fire Review

Crucifliction Heresy is met with fire cover art 1

CRUCIFLICTION “Heresy is met with fire”

Self Released

This is a very interesting material coming from Canada. I have to admit that at first it didn’t called my attention, and I almost classify wrong this piece of metal. Taking elements from different genres, like thrash metal, speed metal and heavy metal, these guys created a very solid album full of great guitar riffs, twisted lines and complex sections.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say twisted lines. This album captures the real essence of steel by giving dark atmospheres, excellent guitar riffs and poisonous moments like solo guitar in “Soulless”, or the excellent track called “Til Death” (somehow the band here sounds heavy and dark ala Death SS, btw). And that’s it: there are some specific moments where the band sounds obscured, sinister and ominous, that’s why it’s quite difficult to classify. But, who cares about classifications in metal music anyway? The main importance is on the fact it transmits something to the listener, isn’t it? And this is a good album forged in the true spirit of metallic heart. If you listen to instrumental track “Delusions of Excess” you will know what I’m talking about. I totally recommend this band. You should keep an eye on them. – Victor Varas

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