HEDLOK Year of the Wolf Review

Hedlok cover art

HEDLOK “Year of the Wolf”

Hip Kid Records

From USA Hedlock comes a band with about 4 years on the scene, this is his latest work, 2013, a funny thing with them is that they released a full CD first and then a split, a demo and this Year of the Wolf, with 4 themes of black thrash with a touch Punk.

To give us an idea think a primal Sodom, Slaughter or Slayer would be good comparisons, only here there are more punk spirit, just enough to hear the song that gives title track, although it is noteworthy that the four subjects with the same level of interpretation. In music Hedlok there is no respite, are a direct side, which has no remorse. They will cut off the head of one who listen to it with its raw form touching metal underground. This is an excellent proposition for people who listen to bands like Weaponizer, Cultfinder . – Sangre Azteca


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