MASADA Hideus Rot Review

Masada cover art

MASADA “Hideus Rot”

Deathgasm Records

Members of this band have the background as having belonged to Crucifier, Immolation or Rellik, in the past. With this MCD containing 5 songs, of which I found the meaning to “Floteoteraphy” since it is only flute and strings oriental guy with some very suggestive female moans, but no metal. However the remaining 4 songs reek death stale metal, old school, but not within the current fashion Swedish Death, this stinks old American death. Vital Remains, Goreaphobia, Immolation, and some details ala Autopsy, especially the time of the demos, including the sound as “gray” that seemed to have a gap above the demo tapes.

The band is not complicated, this seems like a “professional essay” so fashionable from 1998 to 2002, not musically there is a lot of technique, but instead there is a spirit of seeking to be original. Management of the guitars is very good because it creates some good riffs without showing much technique. Drums and bass create a rhythm section in all respects not do enough to show a lot of speed. Cavernous tones combine voices and other shallower, in both cases comply with the concept of darkness that develops the group. Then what we have here are four things: experienced musicians who made this music 15 years before, a concept not defined fashion and a high spirit to take nothing of the current fashion achieving the original way of playing music, and finally the support of an adequate record, I looking forward to a full album because this concept is something to take out to the scene of that saturation “Swedish old school” we are living. – Sangre Azteca

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