CARDIAC ARREST signs to Razorback Recordings


CARDIAC ARREST to release their 5th full-length CD through Razorback Recordings later this Summer in 2014!

A foreboding covenant dripping with darkness and dread has been sealed that will, finally, bring together that undisputed trendsetter of “splatter metal,” Razorback Recordings, and those punishingly perverse Illinois purveyors of “heart-stopping deathrot,” CARDIAC ARREST, and, in 2014, see to the unleashing of their fifth and most foul album to date, “And Death Shall Set You Free”!

Formed deep in the black infamy-choked bowels of Chicago in the late ‘90s, CARDIAC ARREST has been a known associate of Razorback’s for years and, while the two camps had bonded over their shared obsessions with all things horror and metal, they never worked together – until now! Releasing their four previous albums elsewhere, the fearsome foursome of Midwest metal maniacs continue their legacy of death metal brutality with “And Death Shall Set You Free” and the ten cruel scythe cuts of horror-weltered cacoffiny offered therein, with such aural atrocities as “There Is No Escape,” “Bridge Burner,” and “Rise! Part Man, Part Beast.” While the new album will be the catchiest yet, it will still be as unforgivingly heavy as a sledgehammer to the skull. And it is coming for YOU in the late Summer or early Fall of 2014 … You have been warned! ‘Til then, as those abominable gore-adorers who are CARDIAC ARREST always proclaim … ROT FOREVER!

We will post more news and updates about the album soon! The cover artwork is another masterpiece drawn by the MIGHTY Matt Putrid!

More info:

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