TUNGSTEN The Reservoir Review

Tungsten - The Reservoir - Front Cover

TUNGSTEN “The Reservoir”

Self released

My first impression when I saw this cover art, was “Oh well, it’s another black metal band with cold/Nordic style. Here we go..”  I didn’t expect such an excellent piece of progressive music forged in high quality structures and professionalism. Coming from Philadelphia, these guys have extremely good roots on 70’s music, but they also have good taste in heavy metal and they know how to drive high octane guitar riffs and “direct to the bone” lines.

Call me whatever you want, but these guys caught the essence of real independent music, and seem like they don’t even have to demonstrate anything to anybody. Imagine the vibes of The Mars Volta, but these guys opened more the faucet of metal music, and guitars distortion is even more incisive. Also, they have a particular atmosphere created with some keyboards ala psychadelia stuff. My favorite element is singer Ines Martinez, who did an excellent job with feeling and technique: two fundamental elements for good music. I really love when she does jazz sections, delicious Spanish lines and powerful phrases (DIO’s influence). I can’t stop listening to this album and I think is already going to my Top Ten discoveries of independent bands, this year. Ultra recommended for open minded collectors.– Victor Varas


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