INFECTION ATTACK Arrive annihilating Review

Infection Attack cover art

INFECTION ATTACK “Arrive annihilating”

Self Released

Aaaaargh!! This is another proof of existence of a very healthy thrash metal scene in Mexico. I purchased the demo directly from the band in a live show, and believe me: these guys have balls! In fact, I don’t find anything original here, but seem like these guys don’t care about that.

They just want to show to the world what is running inside their veins: pure holocaustic and poisonous thrash metal forged in the most aggressive and ominous side of the genre. The demo contains 7 tracks full of excellent guitar riffs and solid songs. I’m really impressed because of the high octane of each musical section; actually, I’m impressed with the musical maturity exposed on every second, despite that these guys are very young. A must have for those collectors of high quality demos coming from the underground scene. Yep, those T-Shirts fit oversized in the bodies, but these people will grow and I’ll keep an eye over them. Killer!!– Victor Varas

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