BERTONCELLI Leyendas de Amor y Sangre Review

Bertoncelli cover art

BERTONCELLI “Leyendas de Amor y Sangre”

OGHMI Metal Records

Well, we are talking about an old heavy metal warrior from Argentina. Christian Bertoncelli has been part of bands HORCAS, ACEROTH, IMPERIO, RENACER, and he is a quite known figure in Argentinean metal scene. If I don’t mistake this his debut album as a soloist and it truly brings a particular Latin-American spirit on every track.

Yep, melodic heavy metal to the bone and it includes some power metal elements that seems like he likes a lot and he won’t break apart. There are different states of mind on each song and all have excellent hooks rooted in traditional heavy metal. My only complaint is that it reminds me a lot Rata Blanca (also from Argentina) specifically on love songs like “Amores Furtivos”, which is a power ballad, made for mainstream in commercial radio. Anyway, this is an excellent debut album from a quite experienced musician and his depurated style/voice gives strong personality to the result. Highly recommended if you like the genre and if you are teenager and want to touch pussies and tits in dad’s car. – Victor Varas

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