SKINLEPSY Condemning the Empty Souls Review

Skinlepsy cover art

SKINLEPSY “Condemning the Empty Souls”

Shinigami Records

This is another awesome album debut from Brazil. Vocalist Andre Gubber is an old warrior that has been part of Nervochaos, Pentacrostic, etc , and he knows the business with deep experience. If you ask me, these guys are on the thrash metal road, but don’t confuse with the trend.

The band constructed solid songs with excellent guitar riffs and complex structures based in hard corish roots. Also, they have good taste and added some elements of modernity, here and there. The result is quite effective and sounds with this particular Brazilian trademark, patented in late 90’s by Chaos AD album, Fear Factory, etc. The vein is blood red and the roots are thick and strong, so you might already know what this debut album is about. Nine tracks full of furious lines, caustic guitar riffs and excellent performance. You should keep an eye on this name; I’m sure they will be signed soon and they will produce more stuff talented. – Victor Varas

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