DRAGON’s KISS Somewhere Up in the Mountains Review

DRAGONs KISS Somewhere Cover

DRAGON’s KISS “Somewhere Up in the Mountains”

Killer Metal Records

This piece of black vinyl is the creation of a couple of Portuguese dudes. I’m not joking when I say “piece of black vinyl”, actually this is a 7” which contains only two songs… I don’t mind how far can true heavy metal music go, but this is like a small exposure of what seems to be a big project.

Anyway, music is forged in the solid spirit of classic heavy metal, and sounds quite good. There are some remarkable influences from NWOBHM here and there, and you will like this stuff if you are on 40 years old and you have no hair. Adam Neal has great musical skills and he knows how to handle mid range vocals without falling into false pretentions or childish mistakes like unnecessary high pitched screams. Also, guitar lines sound epic and highly poisonous, if you know what I mean. Two tracks is a poor example for what these motherfuckers want to show. I would wait for more flesh before going on with the review. Get the 7” if you are a sick die hard collector. – Victor Varas



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