HARLOTT Origin Review

Harlott Cover art

HARLOTT “Origin”

Self released

Now, let’s move on the map to Australian underground scene, where there are so many interesting diamonds making good noise. These guys really impressed me, as they play an extremely aggressive form of thrash metal. Certainly, they are quite influenced by big names like Exodus, Testament, Whiplash, etc. and believe me: they know what they are doing.

All tracks are based in ultra fast guitar riffs and great musical skills. Also, they push the music to the extreme although I can’t say that is something I never heard before, this album has high quality and is not bored at all. Vocalist Andrew Hudson really left traces of his throat on microphone, and he did an excellent work handling different states of aggression throughout the whole production. If you ask me, this album has the stench of old school and the same vibes of early 90’s thrash metal bands. But, I have to say that they walk into modern sounds and seems like they are looking for a place in the race of the musical genre. This album ends, and I’m still head banging so, I definitely can say that I found a new promise in that side of the Globe. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas


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