BLOOD MORTIZED The Demon, the Angel, the Disease Review

Blood Mortized cover art 2014

BLOOD MORTIZED “The Demon, the Angel, the Disease”

Chaos Records

Aaaargh!! It’s an absolute devastation album coming from Sweden. These motherfuckers have musically increased a lot since the last album, and I’m quite impressed for all the stinky metal over here. If you ask me, the whole production sound a bit more melodic, but this band handles to create high levels of aggression on every track.

Also, there is a touch of punkish stench here and there and is an important characteristic for the result. The band has forged a solid style of death metal, based in typical Swedish blood machineries like Entombed, Grave, Dismember, etc, and they know where they are standing. On specific moments they created slow atmospheres that balance the album into a more introspective mood like in song “Barbarian lust” which delivers painful guitar riffs and tons of different states of mind. If you ask me, the sound of guitars is thicker, and delivers more explosive hooks inside the musical structures. As I said in my first review of this band: “This is a must for those followers of Swedish heritage and for those who know about dark violence through black veins.” Period! – Victor Varas

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